1. Vatican City [0.2 square miles]

Vatican state located in the city of Rome Italy. Although located within the territory of Italy, the Vatican is an independent state. The Vatican is a Catholic holy city. This neagara has a population of 770 souls, but none of the population as a permanent resident.

2. Monaco [0.7 square miles]

Monaco is a small country along the Riviera, France, on the French Mediterranean coast near Nice. This country shaped empire and has existed since the 13th century. 32,000 people and is famous for its Monte Carlo casinos and Princess Grace.

3. Nauru [8.5 square miles]

Nauru Island or Nauru is a small country located in the Pacific Ocean. The country has a population of about 13,000 inhabitants. Economic Nauru essentially relied on phosphate mining. Nauru country became independent in 1968 and previously known from the name of Pleasant Island.

4. Tuvalu [9 square miles]

Tuvalu is composed of 9 coral islands along the 360 mile chain in Polynesia. Tuvalu gained independence in 1978. The country is inhabited by 12,000 inhabitants.

5. San Marino [24 square miles]

Located in Mt. Titano in northern central Italy, San Marino has a population of 29,000. Country that claims to be the oldest state in Europe has been founded in the fourth century AD.

6. Liechtenstein [62 square miles]
Liechtenstein is populated microstate of 34,000 souls, is located in the Rhine River between Switzerland and Austria in the Alps.

7. Marshall Islands [70 square miles]
Kwajalein atoll is one of the Marshall Islands, including the largest in the world, and 34 other islands in the territory Keulauan Marshall. Population reached 58.000jiwa. Gained independence in 1986, they were once part of the Trust Territory Pacific Islands (and administered by the United States).


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